Saturday, November 05, 2005

Damn it. I had written a witty expose of an explanation as to why I've been so seriously delinquent in making a new entry for a week now, but the damn software ate it for lunch. Suffice it to say that now I'm pissed and this is the much shorter verison. I've been battling a URI since October 22nd. I lost a week of work and went back too early because I'm a schmuck, so I got a relapse in the form of a totally ass-wumping sinus infection. Since last Wednesday, I've had little energy to do more than sleep, achoo, hack and blow. I've lost ten pounds without trying, which is a good thing but definitely not the way to go. So, that's it. (I must be in the bitchy stage of illness right now.) Well, I'll be back hopefully as soon as the health fairy remembers how to find me. Until then, take your vitamins, get the proper rest and most important of all, avoid at all costs those of us who have been infected by the damn germ terorists.


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