Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Speaking Through Him

Think of me as the glint of the sun
upon freshly lain snows. Feel me
in hesitant breezes, gently caressing
like a kiss upon your cheek.

See me in the dancing heads of barley,
glowing gold and bursting in ripeness.
See my warm, foggy breath upon the mountains
or skimming the mirrored surfaces
of lakes and small ponds

and when the days grow short and crisp
see how my blood purifies the leaves,
instilling in them the most glorious color.

I have not left you alone.
I am in all things living and wondrous,
all things unknown, reminding you
to wonder now and then at the beauty
of what I am and of what
I have always been to all my children.

© 2001 by Cookala


Blogger lisamac said...

What a beautiful poem. I ran across your page at random and, well, thank you.


11:47 AM  

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