Saturday, January 28, 2006

I've been a bit scarce lately, I know. I've been busy cleaning out mom's stuff, my stuff, the stuff that got ruined this past October when the basement flooded after weeks of rain. It's amazing how much crap you can accumulate over the years. Well, I'm a changed woman now. No more pack rat. No more keep it for a rainy day mentality. Now things are going to be kept lean, cut to the bone in many ways. Yep, becoming an orphan definitely shakes up your mindset.

Thing is, there's so much damned dust! I've been hacking and wheezing since last weekend when I got into some really old stuff that had been sitting in the back of the closets for years. Now I have to go get some surgical masks. My lungs are all clogged up again after I'd been asthma free for months. Oh well. But it has to get done. The time for purging and cutting to the quick is here. Long live Good Will, who speedily comes and picks up all the fat, black bags of old clothes you put out the front door, and who makes it so convenient to dispose of the good part of a lifetime of stuff. Long may they reign.

And then I'm fashioning the upstairs into an apartment for myself. This means new rugs and linoleum, new drapes and window hardware, get rid of the furniture I don't want, buy a sofa and chair. Oh yeah, and now I'll have room for something I've wanted to have for years now - a treadmill. Yay! Now I can walk whenever I want to every day while I watch tv. Yay! This pleases me.

So does decorating. I've discovered I love to decorate. I've decided on mostly blues and greens for bedroom, living room/kitchen area and bath, with accents of mauve and beige and brown here and there. I just got my new bed - a Sealy with a pillowtop mattress. Believe me, you haven't experienced bliss until you sleep on one of those.

Anyway, I've got to go and put the mask back on. So much to do, so little time. The beach season is 3 months off, and I have to get all this done! I'm already tired just thinking about it. Well, I'm off. Just wanted to let you know I'm going to be a bit scarce at times for a little while. In the meantime, be well, and spend some time with your mom.

Oh yeah, and congrats to Tanya and Marty, who have just welcomed their first child in to the world, a little bundle of love they've named Heidi. A warm and loving welcome to you, Heidi.


Blogger David said...

Spring Cleaning Begins with Lines from Karl Marx by Joyce Peseroff

I trust you'll taking some pre and post cleaning and decorating photos to share with us.

6:02 AM  
Blogger Cookala said...

Heya, David! Wow, I didn't know you were a blogger, too! Cool. I have to code a link to your blog.

No way re: pre and post cleaning. You do not want to see what a slob I am, trust me. no, forget that, I do not want the world to see what a slob I am. heh. Maybe pre and post decorating, though.

I'm not doing extensive things. Basically, I'm converting one upstairs bedroom into a kitchen/dining/living room and laying down new lineoleum and rugs in both rooms upstairs.

The other upstairs room will become a bedroom/study/workroom. I'll set up a table to do my artsycrafty stuff, get a desk for the pc and writing stuff. Baby (my bird) will live in the bedroom, too, as it's a warmer and much sunnier room. I'm also getting shelves to hold a gazillion books (65% of which are poetry books I might add. The rest are cooking, astrology, art, photography and other assorted topics.)

I'm still shopping for a sofa, coffee table, recliner, lamps, tread mill, tv/stereo hutch and possibly a small room divider to separate the eating area from the hanging out area. Not sure yet about that. They are average sized rooms, 16x20 and 20x22 - but there's only half a dormer so I have that sloped ceiling to contend with that limits what I can put where (height issues).

Downstairs will be the younger brother and his fiancee, so I still have the run of the house pretty much, and access to the washer in the basement and the backyard. Not a bad deal.

It's only temporary, though. In a few years when I retire I've decided that I'm going to buy a condo in a retirement village. heh. That sounds so weird to me - retirement village. Imagine me, a senior citizen already - not! No way. But still, it'll be a lot cheaper than buying a regular condo. The added bonus is that there won't be any screaming kids around the area either.

So, gotta run. Thanks for saying hi, Mr. Mascellani! Now I have another blog to lurk at!


4:45 PM  
Anonymous GeL(Emerald Eyes) said...

I also love those charity organizations that pick up from our front porch! I'm also a collector of certain things that bring good memories, but I've learned to sort through and periodically weed those, out too. The space and rearrangement results, plus neatness, is so refreshing!

Glad you like your treadmill. We love ours! It's also only been here since June or so. It replaced a beat up Nordic that was wreaking havoc on our bodies. So convenient and healthy to "mill" as I call it.

Being artistic, I've always loved to decorate, but in unconventional ways. Those unusual methods are also due to having grown up on a lean or nonexistant budget. It's great to read how good you feel by sprucing up your surroundings to reflect *you*! :D

3:39 PM  

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