Friday, August 03, 2007

Ok, I admit it. I've been totally lazy with resolving the dns problems. So, I've been thinking, why not just migrate everything over to a new blog? So, that's probably what I'm going to do. I think. Well, let's just say I'm mulling it over.

In the meantime, things are status quo - no new publishings or otherwise exciting news. Been trying to write some new poems while at the beach, got a few very coarse nuggets so far. Now and then I tinker with some of my NaPo 2007 poems. I find the longer I let my poems rest, the easier it gets to revise them. Demand for my atc cards has been phenoomenal - seems I can't make them fast enough sometimes! But I love making art even more than I love making poetry (yep, I do admit it!)

Been out with the camera off and on - finally got myself over to the arboretum during the summer on a heavily clouded, imminent thunder stormy type day - I have summer and fall shots of this one spot in the arboretum and I want to make a 4 season photo montage on canvas with them. Now all I need is winter. I will return back her to post the shots I do have so yuo can see them for yourself. And I got some great shots of the Piping Plover babies still full of down and maybe all of 2" tall. Gosh, they are the cutest little things...

Well, gotta scoot. Lunch 1/2 hour is now lunch 40 mins. Be well, and stay cool (or warm, depending on where you are in the world!) and stay creative!