Monday, October 15, 2012

back from Art

So I am back from Art, (and what I think is the very best art retreat there is!) and finally caught up with orders and incoming supplies in the shop. yay! I took 3 awesome classes at the retreat this year (my 4th) and learned some cool new skills you'll see some day soon in my shop.  Pretty soon I'll be making polymer clay beads and jewelery.  I am thinking steampunk, OOAK and techno style jewelry, pandora style beads, art bracelets, small mosiac keepsake boxes and more - whatever I can dream up.  I've already bought a special oven to bake the clay and now I am just waiting for Michael's or JoAnn's to have a clay sale.  Here's a few photos of the triptych I made in Laurie Mika's class.

took another great class with Richard Salley and made a "balance beam" bracelet - all from scratch.  My bracelet came out perfectly - and if I had a shop where I could work with hammers and a torch I would be making these to sell in my shop as well. 

I also took a class wih Colleen Colquhoun  and learned to sculpt a paper clay art doll.  his is something I have wanted to learn how to do for a long time, and now, thanks to Colleen, I have enough knowledge to start making art dolls. I am thinking I will start out with making some prims, or primitives, for different holidays, maybe even for Christmas if I can get my act together in time.  We shall see....

So, a bit of a change of pace from the regular posts I make here.  I thought you might enjoy a small peek at where my true love lies, in the world of mixed media art.  I hope you've enjoyed!!