Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another 1st draft poem, written when I was dealing with grief. Please feel free to nit either yay or nay. (I suspect it's a twee bit overdone) Thanks!

After a month

the concern begins
to flicker out. Calls dwindle,
invitations stop. I’ve disembarked
from that train called life;
it has left me standing alone
in the station without a ride.

I wear the cloyed silence
like a gray, woolen cloak
as my eyes turn inward. Closing
them does not shut out the grief
that melts into my dreams.

Appetites have faded.
Nothing appeals
and nothing lights the cold wax
of my heart; it has sputtered out
like a candle deprived of oxygen.

I wander through an empty house
searching but knowing she is gone

My protective shield is
I find myself naked
as the future advances like a cresting wave.

I pray for strong lungs.

copyright 2005 by Cookala


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