Friday, December 23, 2005

Shortly we'll be leaving to go to NYC to see the tree, go to Macy's and then have dinner at Ruth Chris. We're taking my cousin from Texas out for some sightseeing. The transit strike is over, the sun has come out and it's a little warmer today than it has been all week. Things are on an upswing.

I just finished making a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies, and a batch of chocolate chip with pecans. Then my brother walks in with a plate of fancy cookies from his office party. Well, I guess we'll be eating lots of cookies for the next few days, courtesy of Murphy's Law.

This morning my cousin and I went to the graves - first her mom's and then mine. They've put up the new headstone, so that was a nice surprise and a nice Christmas gift. And they even replaced the balsam wreath I'd placed on the grave. We put in some pointsetta plants at both gravesites We both cried on the way home, and I can feel myself welling up a little as I write this. *sigh* Well, I 'll try not to dwell on it too much today so I don't depress everyone around me.

I can't wait to get started making ATC's. I've even got Julie's mom into it. Yay! It's like a Christmas present to be able to get a fellow artist out of a rut. Good for her - you go, Julie's mom! I look forward to trading with you someday!

So, gotta run and catch a train. And remember, go talk to or hug your mom.


Blogger Julie Carter said...

I don't think it's just Julie's mom. I think it's Julie's Julie, too!


11:34 PM  
Blogger Cookala said...

Ooooohh! even better! This is exciting!

2:35 PM  

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