Friday, March 31, 2006

Well, I'm going to gloat yet some more....
I've had another of my ATC cards posted on a different swap group's homepage. This is so cool! Twice in a week - wowee! I am completely tickled. I've posted it below so you can see which one everyone went nutso for. Damn, if this doesn't stop my head is going to swell way beyond proportion - if that happens, somebody please slap me back down to my regular size already! Just remind me of how stinky my peotry writing has become...

And so today is the last day of March, and that means one thing to me - tomorrow NaPoWriMi starts over at PFFA, and I am already breaking out in sweats because slow death is hovering nearby. I mean, I haven't exercised the poetry muscles for months now, and I know they're rusted stiff. My poor muse. She's already ten sheets to the wind with anxiety in anticipation of the coming torture I will put her through. I figure the real reason I signed up again this year is because, truly, I am a masochist. There's just no other explanation. But then again, so are all the other folks who've signed up. I guess we all get into partaking of this poetic communal misery and downright embarassment...heh.

Well, we'll see what happens. I'm going to be optimistic and brainwash myself into believing I'll be able to come up with some halfway decent poems, and that my muse will be strong enough to fight off another stroke.

T-minus 1 day to go. Let the upchucking begin!


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